Decio Pasta has made a great name for itself in the premium pasta market. We have been featured on many different avenues across the nation which include television shows, magazine ads, and newspapers. The following are just a few of the great reviews that Decio Pasta always receives!

Arizona Foothills

Lotsa Pasta - Want to create a pasta dinner more interesting than plain ol' spaghetti? DeCio Pasta makes handmade noodles in its Tempe-based facility that can add life to your pasta bowl. Linguine varieties like Artichoke Hearts, Chili Cilantro, Red Bell Pepper, Wild Mushroom, and Szechuan Orange Spice are so flavorful that you don't even need an elaborate sauce. Looking for a creative housewarming gift? DeCio Pasta also sells gift baskets that are packaged in a colander and filled with pasta, olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, and a wooden pasta rake. DeCio Pasta can be found at the following retailers: AJ's Fine Foods, Wild Oats, and Whole Foods Market, or purchased online at

Self Magazine

Chic Eats - New gourmet noodles - Proof that the pasta craze isn't getting older, it's getting better: these eye catching bundles of tagliarini (very fine linguini). You've probably tried pretty, colored vegetable pastas before— they look good yet they taste basically the same as the regular kind. But these noodles are real standouts— each one spiked with herbs and spices to give it a distinctive flavor all its own. And they're so savory they need only a smidgen of sauce (a touch of olive oil, light tomato sauce, even a squeeze of lemon will do it) —and that's great calorie-sparing news. Made by DeCio Pasta, you'll find them in gourmet, grocery, and health-food stores across the country, at prices a little steeper than most brands, though well worth the splurge.

USA Weekend

Cybill, other celebs are passionate about pasta - Pass the pasta, but hold the sauce. Flavored noodles are all the rage—DeCio Pasta makes some 22 versions, including Artichoke Hearts and Szechuan Orange Spice. Fans include Cybil Shepherd and Michael J. Fox. Try them plain with a little extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and grated cheese.

Arizona Business Gazette

Who: DeCio Pasta - Scott Morrison, chef and chief executive officer.

When established: The company was founded by Rebeca DeFalco and Gary Ciminello in 1985. Morrison bought the company a little over fourteen years ago.

What: Handcrafted pasta in nearly four dozen flavors that does not cook away. "It's pure pasta," Morrison explained "No preservatives, no eggs, and it's because we use real vegetables and herbs with the best semolina. The color in the pasta is real not from any dyes and there is actually protein, vitamins and calcium in it."

Where: Based in Tempe, sold online, and at Arts and Crafts festivals throughout Arizona, Nevada, California, select AJ's Fine Foods, farmers' markets, several wineries, and smaller gourmet stores.

How much to get started: "Twenty-five thousand is enough to run things for the first three months," states Morrison.

Employees: Ten employees and several distributors.

Why it's called that: DeCio is a combination of the original owners names. "Lets face it, would you buy a pasta called Morrison's?", says Morrison.

Bright idea: "Continuing to develop flavors and products, selling the product at art festivals, and finally realizing that giving people a sample creates sales." was Morrison's response. Morrison added, "people from Arizona support Arizona business. Tourists like to try local products and when they go home they order online."

Not such a good idea: "We had quite a few when we started out!" said Hazel Morrison, the office administrator and self-described "chief of whatever needs to be done in the office or packing area." Her son said, " When I started, I would do only one festival or farmer's market a weekend. If that got rained out or sales weren't good it was a bad weekend. It just works better to do at least two or three events every weekend."

Biggest Challenge: "Like any small business our biggest challenge initially was cash flow. Now that we're doing more shows each week and have added some catering as well we are on a steadier track," states Morrison.

Why I do this: "I don't play well with others! No really, when I finished at Scottsdale Culinary Institute I had already been working at different restaurants and caterers and I knew I wanted to do something on my own. So I figured out how to put together a business plan. The only problem was I was 21 and no one would loan me any money at all. For this reason when I started I did this during the day and then taught at SCI from 6 p.m. until midnight. Most importantly, I love doing this."

What he wishes he'd known before opening for business: "How hard it would be, it's been a roller coaster. When I started I just thought I could make it work and it would take two or three years at most. It's now been seven years and it's labor intensive. We outsource nothing and I also do a lot of the festivals by myself, so there's rarely any weekend off."

The next big thing: Primarily expanding the square footage and adding a full-scale commercial kitchen and more storage by taking over the space next door. "I'm going to go back to doing dessert pasta, I have been playing with flavors for that. We also plan on expanding our catering operation. We will be doing much more when we move next spring," replied Morrison.

Long-term: "I want to see how big I can make it. Eventually, I would like to have a bunch of gourmet food lines," stated Morrison.

Exit strategy: "I'm young, why would I want an exit strategy?" was Morrison's response. (Seriously - Morrison like any good business owner, works regulary with his accountants and an attorney in figuring out his next steps.)

Bottom line: Morrison hand crafts somewhere around 4,000 pounds of pasta per week and because of its unique taste and quality Morrison states the following, "I don't see most pasta as competition. We can't make it fast enough. This year is our breakout year."

Lavish Magazine

Chef for the Lavish Life - Meet Chef Scott Morrison, owner of DeCio Pasta and one of our favorite chefs to the lavish life. An extensively traveled international explorer well before he entered grade school, Morrison was born in England and was raised in Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila. His well-traveled childhood and young adulthood exposed him to many tastes and traditions. This exposure, coupled with the history of culinary genius in his family, made Morrison's own entrance to the culinary world a natural progression.

After graduating from The Scottsdale Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu program, Morrison taught Basic Culinary at the school for over two years. This experience as an instructor prepared him for his role as a "show chef" for the Viking Culinary and Special Events venue at Sunwest and for his own companies, DeCio Pasta, DeCio Catering, and DeCio Team Building.

But first, let's talk about the pasta! When Morrison was presented with the opportunity to reestablish DeCio Pasta, he jumped at it. After purchasing the business and breathing new life into it, DeCio Pasta has become his pride and joy and is reaping the benefits of his attention to detail and dedication to preparing quality pasta.

"When I graduated from The Scottsdale Culinary Institue, I decided I would provide my clients with the finest pasta available, anywhere," says Morrison. "After six years of research, I can now offer over 20 varieties [of pasta.]" Chef's hands-on approach to DeCio's pasta creations means he personally chooses the finest ingredients and practices time-tested methods to create unique flavors and the wonderful texture found only in handmade pasta.

For the refined, well-traveled palate, a few of his best-selling flavors include spinach basil garlic, tomato basil garlic, lemon pepper, the award-winning herb d'Italia, wild mushroom, artichoke hearts, and Szechuan orange spice, chili cilantro, red bell pepper and saffron. Pair your pick with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and your favorite vintage-absolutely heavenly. The great news is that in addition to AJ's Fine Foods, Wild Oats and Whole Foods Market, DeCio pasta is available online at so no matter where business, travels, and life take you, you're never far from a comforting taste!

Morrison has also been fortunate enough to combine two of the loves of his life: cooking, and cruising the open road. Through DeCio Catering, high-performance Chef Morrison hosts events at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. It seems that Morrison has also taken a bit of team building advice of his own from Bob. Anyone familiar with Bondurant knows that his pooch Rusty really pulls the strings. Morrison found his match in Noodles, his one-year-old puppy, a purebred pit bull. Since Noodles would love a taste of what's cooking, this CDO (chief dog officer) is strictly relegated to office work and a number of pet-friendly culinary festivals across the country.

A Certified Executive Chef at the age of 24, Morrison has been in the hospitality industry for many years and has shared his culinary craft at many local Valley resorts and restaurants. Now, those who adore his pasta and personality can get up close and personal with this pasta-papa. As one of the exclusive chefs and caterers for The Viking Culinary and Special Event's Venue at Sunwest, Morrison offers intimate and exciting demonstrations for private and corporate special events. This showroom features a studio set kitchen with culinary themed decor and top-of-the-line Viking appliances. "I really enjoy working with Viking appliances so the showroom is almost a second home to me," says Morrison.

DeCio Team Building, an extension of DeCio Pasta, offers unique corporate team building events with menus like Fire and Smoke BBQ, Dessert, Kamikaze Sushi Pilots and, of coarse, the Pasta Pasta menu. DeCio Catering offers a variety of customizable menus with themes ranging from continental cuisine and Brazilian, to Asian Fusion. DeCio Catering is a favorite of hometown sports heroes like former Raider AC Caswell and his bud, former Cowboy Damon Mayes. Celebrities like Cybill Shepherd and Michael J. Fox are raving about DeCio pasta, too.

With attention to detail, culinary creativity and intoxicating personality, Morrison has truly made an impact on the cuisine of the lavish lifestyle.

Invite Chef Scott to your next affair for a perfect pasta-and more-experience.