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Decio Pasta Recipes

Here are some samples of the delicious plates you can make with our savory pastas. Feel free to email us with your own recipes!

Click get this recipe for full ingredients and preparation instructions.

Guido's Savory Sonoran

This recipe uses our Chile Cilantro or Red Bell Pepper Linguine to provide beautiful, rich flavor to this wonderful Mexican styled dish

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Fancy Nancy's Cilantro Pesto

This delicious dish uses our Tri-Chile Fiesta or Saffron, Beet, or Red Bell Pepper Fiora pasta. Quick to make and even quicker to disappear once it hits the dinner table!

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Jora Maria's Jambotta

This savory dish uses Artichoke Hearts, Herb D'Italia or Spinach Basil Garlic Linguine to create a colorful and tasty meal

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Mama Decio's Marinara

Mama Decio's Marinara is a Decio Pasta favorite. One of the originals cooked up by Mama Decio, this delicious dish is sure to get your taste buds going!

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Dill Butter Sauce

A beautiful sauce for our lemon pepper linguine, red bell pepper linguine, and Saffron. Great with any poultry or seafood

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Meditterranean Chicken Pasta

Pasta with a Mediterranean Flair, can be served cold or hot, best with lemon pepper, red bell pepper or artichoke heart pasta

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Garden Pasta

Your favorite veggie pasta, tossed with garden fresh vegetables and a light dijon sauce. Great with chicken, shrimp or scallops

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Rafaelle's Pasta Salad

An easy, colorful and low fat pasta salad. Refreshing and perfect for a hot summer's picnic. Great with any of our rotini or conchiglia pastas, as well as any of our linguine.

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