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Tired of selling things which your charity makes pennies on the dollar?  DeCio Pasta wants to help. We can take those pennies and turn them into real cash for your school or non-profit organization doing exactly what you are doing now.  DeCio believes in re-investing in our communities, whether it is Arizona or New York.  Your group can sell our pasta under any label you would like to and contribute some real money to your organization, not pennies, but dollars.  Feel free to contact our sales department and we will put you in touch with one of our sales agents who will customize anything too your liking and will deliver a hands on approach to helping your organization make the money that you need in these tough economic times.  You can reach anyone in sales at 1-800-397-0770.  You can also reach the C.E.O. at anytime at, or  we love to help.

Our fundraising program is not intended for commercial purposes and is limited to a non-profit tax exempt organization.  Such non-profits would be the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, PTA’s, or similar confirmation as decided by DeCio Pasta.  Our fundraising program operates year round.  Let us help you earn the dollars that your special interest group deserves.